Kabell & Munk

A two-person software studio crafting premium apps for mobile and web.

We pride ourselves on building rich experiences with fluid interfaces. Responsive, performant, and accessible.

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What We Do

We design rich and detailed user interfaces with a strong focus on accessibility. Enabling and empowering all users.

We build responsive and performant web applications, taking advantage of modern web technologies while ensuring backwards compatibility.

We build high-quality native mobile apps with a premium user experience and advanced algorithms.

We develop server side solutions, providing apps with user accounts, cloud storage, syncing, and more.


Quant-U is a footwear customization project by Ecco. We designed, prototyped, and implemented the app to collect and analyze bio-mechanical data from shoe-embedded sensors.

Carlsberg’s “Crafted By” lets you craft and design your own beer online. We built the web app and the engine for rendering custom labels.

Magnetic Tool is an innovative app for onsite technical tests of pumps and valves. We developed the app and its advanced sensor algorithms to detect faulty units.

Own Products


Edit Portrait Mode Photos

  • Advanced iOS depth photo editor.
  • Change focus point and aperture.
  • Combine multiple lens effects.

Who We Are

Tobias Due Munk

  • Partner
  • Designer
  • iOS Lead

I bring years of experience building quality native iOS apps from low level signal processing to digital product design. I’m passionate about user interfaces and pushing the boundaries for what smartphones can do.

Kalle Kabell

  • Partner
  • General Manager
  • Web Lead

As a full stack web developer, I’m experienced across both frontend and backend development. I approach technical challenges with curiosity and prioritize gaining the broad perspective before applying solutions.